Girls with Fun Haircuts

by Bearcubbin'!

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Ben Tiner
Ben Tiner thumbnail
Ben Tiner Amazing compositions based off loops! Perfect mix of twinkly with heavy moments. Perfect for fans of - don cabs/ totorro/ giraffes? giraffes! anything mathy, but also catchy enough for anyone who might not be into "math rock" at all! Can't recommend this album enough! Favorite track: Solid Gold Monster Truck.
Adam Trujillo
Adam Trujillo thumbnail
Adam Trujillo This is the record that I wish Battles would have made after Mirrored--or that Don Cab would have made after American Don. I remember dismissing this when I first listened, but it has become a regular part of my rotation. Favorite track: Girls with Fun Haircuts.
David Kavanagh
David Kavanagh thumbnail
David Kavanagh A bunch of clever-clogs show-offs with serious musical chops. This is a strangely compelling release which, once it gets under your skin, refuses to release its grip. I've been playing it non-stop since I got it. Smart playing, great production and memorable compositions all make for one of the oddest but best things I've come across in quite some time. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on these guys in future. Favorite track: Down Buttermilk Road.
Rowdy Gleason
Rowdy Gleason thumbnail
Rowdy Gleason Essential instrumental album of any fan of the genre or "math rock." Favorite track: Raspberry Breaks.
Sunset Architect
Sunset Architect thumbnail
Sunset Architect Excellent loops! Great production. For fans of Battles. Favorite track: Solid Gold Monster Truck.
Brandon George
Brandon George thumbnail
Brandon George Girls is an album oozing pure fun and positive energy, with every track leaping seamlessly into the next, and the album never letting up for a moment. When the album finally "gets serious" and quiets down, it is in the final track, as if to grab the listener's attention so that they can tell you something important. Then, once they've told you, the album loops around again, reminding you that no matter how far Down Buttermilk Road we go, it's still just about Girls with Fun Haircuts. Favorite track: Down Buttermilk Road.
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The second full length album by Bearcubbin'! The first featuring the bass playing of Patrick Dougherty. After years of writing and some line up changes, Bearcubbin'! has returned with the most ambitious and sonically dense and cohesive effort yet.


released March 1, 2014

Chris Scott - Guitars & Keyboards

Mike Byrne - Drums & Electronics

Patrick Dougherty - Bass

Drums Recorded at Interlace Audio by Stephan Hawkes
Guitars/Keyboards/Bass Recorded at Bongo Fury Rehearsal studios and Casa Diabro by Chris Scott with the Assistance of Stephan Hawkes

Mixed and Mastered at Interlace Audio by Stephan Hawkes

Graphic Design Team:
Simon Boas
Julianne Rose Tunnelle
Jake Baez
Arianna Kinsfather



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